Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Medical Camp and Medicine Distribution: Kalina, Mumbai

Pragatee foundation is one of the trusts for social, health and education Development; find out such affected areas and organized free medical camp, free medical distribution camp etc. Pragatee foundation’s survey team found that there are areas where diseases are there but because of poor background people are not able to take proper treatment and medicines. Even today there are many cases come forward of Diabetes, malaria, dengue, lepto etc.
So on 22nd Sept 2012 Pragatee foundation and Sevenhills Hospital (Under the Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (RGJAY)) organized Free medical checkup and Free medicine distribution and free registration for various Surgery and operation at Vishwakarma Mitra Mandal, st Anthony Road, Kadamwadi, Kalina, Santacruz (e), Mumbai between morning 8:00 A.M. to Evening 2:00 P.M.. 
The main objective to organized this camp To improve access of Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Above Poverty Line (APL) families to quality medical care for identified speciality services requiring hospitalization for following surgeries and therapies or consultations in free of cost in SEVENHILLS HOSPITAL, Mumbai 
The Following surgeries/therapies/procedures are covered in Hospital.

Pragatee foundation selected qualified doctors’ team under Dr. Geetangali Mahadi and Mr. Sampat Sonde (Sevenhills Hospital). Team includes Dr. Anil Sawant, with supporting staff members. There were 15 volunteers and 3 Team Leaders appointed to control and manage this camp successful.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

युवा प्रगती, १ सप्टेंबर ते १५ सप्टेंबर २०१२ चे पाक्षिक वाचा

युवा प्रगती,

यशाचा सोपा मार्ग... एक सर्वांगीण शैक्षणिक मार्ग पाक्षिक...
१ सप्टेंबर ते १५ सप्टेंबर २०१२ चे पाक्षिक वाचा 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

युवा प्रगती, १५ ऑगस्ट ते ३१ ऑगस्ट चे पाक्षिक वाचा

युवा प्रगती,

यशाचा सोपा मार्ग... एक सर्वांगीण शैक्षणिक मार्ग पाक्षिक...

१५ ऑगस्ट  ते ३१ ऑगस्ट चे पाक्षिक वाचा