Saturday, August 15, 2009

Swine Flu Public Awareness Campaign-Rally (SFPAC)

On Saturday 15th Aug 2009 Pragatee foundation, mumbai (regd.) organisation has neen arraged swine flue awarness rally. It is noticable that it includes all students and volunteer of pragatee foundation. President Mr. Kiran Rane purposely avoid any political leader or any celebraty personality in participant. There are 100 to 150 students and 20 volunteers cum officer from paragatee foundation took active part in rally.
On occasion of 62nd National Freedom day pragatee foundation decided to make society from swine flue evil. During this rally pragatee shows various banners, hoardings and distributed handbills about H1N1 virus. Also distributed handbills about how to protect yourself from swine flue what precautions should you take to avoid swine flue infections. Pragatee foundation try to minimise scarecity about swine flue amoung the society. Student usage various slogans and posters to educate people.
 Rally was started exactly at 10am in the moring from Ghatkopar (west) to Ghatkopar(east). It covers area like Ghatkopar railway station, M.G. Road, LBS marg, Jagdoosha nagar, Amrut nagar, Parksite, Shreyas cinema, Laxmi nagar, Nityanand nagar, Ghatkopar depot., 90 feet road, Ghatkopar pant nagar, Ghatkopar east railway station. Ghatkopar police station has been provided special police protection van and 6 staff members for smoothly conducting rally.